The Christian Bookshop

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The vision to have a Christian Bookshop in Heacham came to Fred Sanders some 21 years ago. He thought it would be good to have a source of Bibles and other Christian literature available in the village for adults and children. Greetings cards which included a Bible verse, were to be stocked as well as a range of Traidcraft goods. It started as a branch of The Christian bookshop in Dersingham, with their advice and support. Soon our PCC took responsibility for the shop and continued to do so. We rented 1a Lodge Road, the former Parish Council premises, from the Council, It was never intended to be a business but a service for the village and beyond. All the staff have been volunteers and we have had a wonderful team over the years. People from Heacham Methodist Church, the parishes of Sedgeford, Ringsteadand Heacham, plus the Union church in Hunstanton have been involved, very loyally. It has been hard work but very rewarding and great fun at times.
Sadly, with changes felt by all bookshops, sales of books have gradually reduced and many shops have closed. Times change and perhaps people read less, or have e-books or buy on the internet themselves. Whatever the reasons we have come to the conclusion, after asking for God’s guidance, what we will close the shop after Christmas. That will mark 20 years’ service. It feels a bit like a bereavement for us but we know it is the right thing to do.
We are very grateful to the Council who have been very supportive landlords. Most of all we are grateful to the hundreds of people who have come in over the years to browse, chat and buy. We hope that they were blessed by their contact.

Jennifer Aicken (Bookshop committee)