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The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn was opened in 1980, from a concrete construction that was expected to last for 30 years, when it would be updated or replaced. Forty one years later, it is still fully operational, but is now showing its age. The roof is currently being held up with nearly 200 roof supports, and the cost of inspecting, maintaining and repairing it is approximately £300,000 pounds a month.

Earlier this year, seriously ill patients had to be evacuated from the intensive care unit at short notice, as an inspection identified that there was a risk of possible collapse. During periods of heavy rainfall, it is commonplace for leaks to be identified somewhere or other in the hospital. Up to this point, half of the roof has not yet been inspected to identify possible defects.

Up until this point, the QEH has not been prioritised for funding either for a completely new roof, which will cost £500 million, or for a new hospital which will cost an estimated £700 million. The next announcement of funding is expected to be made in September, and it is essential that the QEH is included on this occasion. In order to do that, a campaign has been launched to highlight the need for a new hospital, and to make sure both our local MP, and the Health Secretary are aware of the strength of feeling within our community.

Heacham Parish Church and its PCC is only too well aware of the importance of having a local hospital and is happy to support a campaign that is attempting to make sure that we have a new hospital, which will continue to serve the needs of our community.

There are several ways in which you can play your part:


1) Write to, or email the local MP.James Wild You can write to him at House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA or email:

2) Sign an online EDP petition to the Health Secretary at Petition · Matthew Hancock MP: Build a new hospital for King's Lynn ·


3) Find out more about the 'Save the QEH' campaign. On Facebook, search for Save our Queen Elizabeth. For anyone that uses Twitter, look for @save_lynn. 


4) Prayer - Please pray for continued safety for patients/staff/visitors within the hospital. For funding to be agreed for a new hospital.


Please do whatever you can to make sure that those who make the decision with regards a new hospital know how important it is to you and to our community as a whole.



New QEH petition
A new petition has been launched for the Queen Elizabeth Hospita;